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Digit Ranking can boost your business’s visibility by boosting your website rankings. If you own a local hong kong business, you need geo-targeted traffic to your website through local rankings to reach your target demographics.

How can we help you?

We offer Hong Kong Search Engine Optimiation services tailor to your location to ensure Google would get the right location signals, incoming links, on-page, social traffic signals, and off-page publications about your business.

SEO services in Hong Kong

Do you ever wonder why your competitors’ websites rank higher than yours in Google that related to your industry? Are you looking for more online customers but finding it difficult to connect with them? Gaining visibility for your website in today’s competitive online business world can be difficult. There are hundreds of competitors to contend with, which means your page will drown in a sea of countless search results and will go unnoticed, regardless of how good the content is. We helped Hong Kong’s companies to get on first page of Google.

Hong Kong Search engine optimization services

We stay up to date on the ever-changing algorithms from Google to Bing. As a result, your website will be constantly adjusted and modeled in response to these shifting priorities, ensuring that it remains head and shoulders above the competition.

Get a Free SEO audit

There are millions of sales pages on the internet, but unlike the others, we promise the result and deliver! Furthermore, our rates are competitive, and we provide a free competitiveness report and feedback within short period of time.

Cost of campaigns would depend on the size of the implementation. Find good digital marketing specialists or an agency can offer great return on investment is not an easy task. With years of industrial experience, we offer world-class services and digital marketing strategies, have an effective strategy tailored and proper processes. Just contact us to receive free in-depth website health and performance audit and hire an SEO agency as your trusted partner. 

Implementing SEO plan

We offer keyword research, optimization, keyword tracking, reporting, and consulting. We’ve compiled a list of proven online marketing tactics to maximize your online exposure and produce results. We create a comprehensive, prioritized roadmap that outlines strategy implementation from soup to nuts for each pillar. This roadmap is then used to assign and complete tasks based on priority and milestones.

Google, Bing and Baidu SEO Hong Kong

Millions of people use Google, Bing, Baidu and Yahoo to conduct product and service research before making a purchase decision. The majority of traffic come to your website if you are on the first page for a given keyword result. First page rankings for some keywords can be worth tens of millions of dollars per year. TSMV, or Total Search Market Value, is one of the methods for determining the worth of a keyword. 
The Total Search Market Value of a keyword is determined by multiplying the number of visitors by the cost per click. Buyer intent keywords can drive thousands (or even millions) of monthly visitors to your website if you rank in the top three to five positions on Google, Bing, Baidu and Yahoo.


Internet marketing in Hong Kong

Digit Ranking’s technical services include website performance audits, process and strategy development, keyword research, local media channel optimization, holistic content marketing campaigns, ongoing consulting, and mobile and page speed optimizations.
Our team creates and executes project that focus on on-page factors, content creation, content distribution, local citation building, link building, and more to improve performance of your marketing effort. We’ll create a strategy roadmap for your marketing and web development teams. We want to ensure timely optimizations, regardless of team size or resources.
Digit Ranking is one of the top professional SEO companies in Hong Kong. You also get our digital marketing  campaign to your needs to improve your digital marketing success and conversion rate.  If you want to invest in online marketing, you should choose an experienced agency in Hong Kong which offer complete solutions and implementing strategy effectively to get desired result. Just contact us to get a free audit and performance report.

Best online marketing services

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term game. An effective plan affects your business’s online presence from a visitor’s first impression to a customer’s review—and beyond which is the backbone of digital marketing. Simple keywords aren’t enough to get your business noticed among the sea of competitors and people will only visit first few search engine results pages. Difference Hong Kong agency would offer white-hat and black-hat strategies where you should be careful to choose a good provider. We are the trusted agency that provide internet marketing services and able to guarantee to provide best practices and have effective techniques to boost your digital assets ranking in Google.

Engaging Content

You need a functional, fast, and fluid website, but also amazing, engaging content. This content should inspire website visitors to take action and convince like Google to send traffic your way. Our digital marketing team find these issues and work with your content and web development teams to fix and optimize them, improving content structure and organic visibility. Most people associate SEO with website changes. 

Custom Digital Marketing Campaigs

Your local business is missing out on potential customers if it doesn’t have a digital strategy for creating, boosting, and maintaining its online presence.
Digit Ranking is a unique agency in Hong Kong and offer best solutions local business . As a leading SEO agency, we tailored different marketing strategies and digital marketing campaign to boost your map and organic results, earning your company SEO results and have great return on investment. We know you have a choice of different online marketing companies, but we want to be the only digital marketing agency you need for real results, real traffic, and real profits.

Off-Page Factors

Our experts ensure your business is optimized off-page by conducting performance audits, monitoring and strengthening your backlink profile, optimizing your local online marketing efforts, and building branded mentions on relevant and authoritative websites.


The short answer is no. Yes, we know that those Fiverr offers for 50 backlinks for $5 are tempting, but they’re not worth it. Buying links is against Google’s policies and will result in your search rankings being destroyed if you are caught. If Google discovers that you are purchasing backlinks, your search rankings will suffer. Following that, you’ll need to remove those links to your site and request that Google re-analyze your site.

Begin by identifying the words and phrases that your customers are searching for online, and then update your website copy to more accurately reflect those words and phrases. Make it simple for Google to understand that your website is about pizza if you sell them.

You can do it yourself, just like almost any other profession, but you will always get the best results when you bring in experts to help. You can do your company’s taxes yourself, but you prefer to hire a professional because you know they will be worth the investment.

You were most likely penalized by an algorithm. Google’s search algorithm is updated every day to provide a better experience for users. These updates include penalizing websites that violate Google’s rules.

The ROI of SEO varies depending on the industry. How valuable would it be for your company to be the top recommendation when your customers search for you?

Simply put, the more effort you put into your SEO strategy, the faster you will see result. With a solid strategy, results can be seen in as little as three months, and as you continue to invest in your strategy, the effects will last for years.